Car Scratches

Car Scratches Looking for an affordable way to repair those unwanted car scratches? Look no further…………………. Using SMART Paintworx who specialise in S.M.A.R.T repair is just what you need. Not only is it inexpensive, it’s professional, fast and convenient. Whilst some car scratches will polish out with a professional cut & polish using quality products and tools […]

Dent Repair

Dent Repair and your choices When you find a dent on the panel of your vehicle it is important to make the right decision when searching for the best method of dent repair. Some are better suited for the more traditional repair using filler and respraying the panel when other dents are better suited for […]

Bumper Bar

How a bumper bar has changed over time Bumper bar modifications and why? Although many modifications have been made to bumper bars on vehicles over the years they still serve the same purpose.  The bumper bar is there to minimise the damage to the other panels of our vehicles therefore keeping costs down. While still serving […]

Alloy Wheels

Why choose alloy wheels?? Not only do alloy wheels look great on your vehicle but they add value too. Choosing to care for you alloy wheels is paramount for their longevity, making them value for money. There are 2 types of damage you need to look out for with alloy wheels. Cosmetic Damage Gutter rash […]

Scratch Repairs Western Suburbs

Scratch Repairs Western Suburbs When searching for a cosmetic car repair specialist look no further than SMART Paintworx for scratch repairs western suburbs. Not only do we travel to all inner metro suburbs of Adelaide we also have a workshop in Pt Adelaide making your choice of repairer that little simpler. Scratch repairs western suburbs […]

Western Suburbs Bumper Repairs

Our technicians will travel from Outer Harbour all the way down to Sellicks Beach (and beyond, just ask!) for all kinds of western suburbs bumper repairs. SMART Paintworx technicians are mobile and ready to fix your western suburbs bumper repairs.  Don’t let a crash shop convince you to replace your bumper and lose your vehicle […]

Brake Calipers

Re-invent your brake calipers……….. We all know the purpose of brake calipers but why not utilise them to enhance the look of your vehicle. Wether it’s a colour change or adding stickers you will be amazed with the transformation.   So many people choose to change the colour of their rims from the standard alloy […]

Polished Rim

Repairing a polished rim is just the tip of the iceberg. SMART Paintworx have been building an excellent reputation over the years and increasing their client base with an array of services for every car owner. Recently a very disappointed BMW owner called us to see what could be done to the damage on his […]

Vehicle Repairs for less than Crash Shop

  It’s not hard to see why people are searching for vehicle repairs for less than crash shop with the increasing cost of repairs. Not only do you have to dodge the insurance excess increase but now with overheads increasing businesses need to recoup the ever increasing costs. Using a mobile service you’re not paying […]

Car Repairs Less than Insurance Excess

Finding car repairs less than insurance excess…………. With insurance excess’s rising considerably it’s worth shopping around to see if you can have the car repairs less than insurance excess. There was a time that only a small bumper bar repair could be done for less than your excess, Now with the standard excess being not […]

Cut & Polish

Cut & Polish packages to suit every budget………………… Regular washing of your vehicle is just the first step in keeping your vehicle in the impeccable state that you bought it in. Over time the conditions on the road and even the products you use can cause the car to look less than perfect. Dirty sponge, […]

Headlight Restoration in Adelaide

Headlight restoration in Adelaide is not only affordable but also very effective. The harsh Australian sun can be one of the many causes of our headlights being cloudy and dull. Using the right headlight restoration products and know how our technicians can have them looking like new. Headlight restoration is in greater demand nowadays with […]

Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration service now  available………………. Over time plastic headlight covers will become cloudy, dull, faded or scratched, affecting the brightness of the headlights and leaving your vehicle in need of headlight restoration.  The Australian climate can play a big part in the discoloration of the headlights. Some of the other causes of damage to headlights […]


Think SMART ………………. Seriously, why would you go to a Crash Shop for those smaller repairs when the standard of a mobile service is at an extremely high level and very competitively priced. If you “Think SMART” you will be pleasantly surprised by what we can do, saving you both time and money.     […]

Dent Repair

More and more people are looking to a mobile dent repair service for their car repairs rather than taking it to a Crash Shop and being without their vehicles for days or possibly a week. There are so many benefits. Time, convenience and of course cost just to name a few. Using specialised techniques and […]

Alloy Wheel

Gutter rash and wear and tear to your alloy wheel can be very detrimental to the overall appearance of your vehicle. There is even some damage such as cracks that are more than cosmetic but dangerous to drive on. We have both mobile facilities and a workshop to cater for all of these repairs. Not […]

Scratch Repair

Scratch repair to your car, ute, van, motorbike and even your pushbike for the cycling enthusiast can be repaired using a technique known as S.M.A.R.T Repair. This stands for small to medium area repair technique and our company have been providing this as a mobile service to thousands of customers over the years. Providing you […]

Mobile Car Detailing, inside and out

Give your vehicle the love and attention it deserves with our mobile car detailing, inside and out………….. Over time a basic wash just isn’t enough to keep that shine to your cars paintwork You need to provide it with some extra attention and SMART Paintworx are fully equipped to offer mobile car detailing, inside and […]

Paint repair to your vehicle both affordable and convenient

Scratches and scuffs happen to cars on a daily basis leaving our  vehicles looking less than new. They happen so quickly and we tend to leave them because of the concerns of time and money to repair the damage. There is  no need to worry about either. Our mobile service makes the paint repair to […]

Southern Suburbs – Mobile Car Repairs

We’ve got most areas covered…………………. Southern Suburbs – Mobile Car Repairs We have mobile vehicle repair technicians that are fully equipped to travel to you in a wide range of areas of Adelaide and outer metro suburbs. Always looking at improving what we can provide to our customers it is important for us to cover […]