Door Scratch

A Door Scratch, whether a ding at the supermarket or a malicious keying, can be remedied quickly and professionally as a mobile service.  Ferrari or Ford, Mazda or Mini, a call to SA’s premier mobile repair company, is a SMART…

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Bumper Bars

Crack in Bumper Bar

Bumper bars can take quite a beating when you’re out and about. Bumper bar repairs would be the most common repairs carried out by our technicians on a daily basis. As bumper bars are plastic in most cases you don’t…

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Bringing your alloy wheels back to life

Tiny Car Repairs - Alloy Wheels

Eliminate the annoyance you feel each time you look at that damaged wheel by having an alloy restoration done to bring it back to its original condition. Your love for your car demands the perfection that we can provide by…

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Colour Code your Badges & Customise your Car

Don’t be like everyone with the factory standard finish. Stand out from the crowd and customise your vehicle badges, alloys or even the front grille to enhance & alter the original finish. We can respray the badges to a colour…

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Fleet and Lease Vehicle Repairs

Maintaining your Fleet Vehicles during the lease period… Rather than being hit with those expensive charges when you hand back your lease vehicle why not use our expertise in small to medium panel repairs to maintain your fleet vehicles. We…

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Mobile Vehicle Repairs versus Crash Repairs

Mobile Vehicle Repairs versus Crash Repairs I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked “how can you achieve the same quality paint repair out of a van compared to a Crash Shop?” It’s easy, as a mobile service we…

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Outstanding service & workmanship

Wow, what a week it’s been……………… You know the technicians are doing a great  job when your customers take the time to send emails or call just to say “thanks for a job well done”. I can count at least…

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