Chips and Scratches – Fast and Convenient Onsite Repairs

SMART Paintworx offer an onsite mobile repair service to our customers in Adelaide and surrounding suburbs. A small chip here and there on your vehicle can quickly reduce the value of your vehicle and can often leave your car at the mercy of the environment.  Before you know it the small chip is showing signs of rust.

There is no need to respray the entire panel when there is only a small paint chip or scratch on your vehicle. Our technicians can prep the area and respray from the centre of the damage outwards ensuring the repair is unnoticeable and blends in well with the rest of the car. Using our onboard colour matching system we can repair those chips and scratches to your vehicles colour code.

Our prices are very reasonable with the added convenience of offering a mobile service. Most repairs can be done within a few short hours restoring your vehicle to it’s former glory.

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