Cut & Polish packages to suit every budget…………………

Regular washing of your vehicle is just the first step in keeping your vehicle in the impeccable state that you bought it in. Over time the conditions on the road and even the products you use can cause the car to look less than perfect. Dirty sponge, not being washed regularly, no wax; they can all add to the dullness and fine scratches over your vehicle that only a cut & polish will remove. You really want to keep this to a minimum and by looking after your vehicle you will reduce the amount of times a cut & polish is required.

Cut & Polish - Perfection

Cut & Polish – Perfection


Waxing your vehicle will protect it from the contaminants that are present in our environment as well as making the washing process easier with the water beading over the vehicle. Dark cars are the worst for swirl and trail marks but can easily be removed with a cut & polish.



Here at SMART Paintworx we pride ourselves on providing not only the very best in service but also offering options to best suit each customers individual requirements and budget. Offering 3 different options of cut & polish with different pricing for each to allow for vehicle size you are sure to find a package to keep you smiling.