Many women can find car repairs a little overwhelming just because it’s out of their comfort zone. The last thing you want or need is some burly bloke making you feel intimidated because you’re not familiar with the terminology used in the trade. Don’t stress because SMART Paintworx provide female friendly car repairs.

With school drop offs and pick ups to consider it’s important to have a repairer that can take this into account when booking in your repairs. Since most of our repairs only take a few short hours to complete school times will not be hindered.

When calling SMART Paintworx for a quote you will be greeted by the female office staff that are only too familiar with this problem and are very understanding. A few simple questions and they will be able to establish which panel is damaged and provide a brief explanation of how the repair will be done. We can provide as much or as little detail as required to carry out your female friendly car repairs.

In such a male dominated field it is important that we remember that we aren’t just providing a service to a car enthusiast  or a male that has quite a bit of knowledge when it comes to cars but also the not so savvy car owner.

Every customer is important to us here at SMART Paintworx and we want to make the process as stress free as possible by offering not only car repairs but female friendly car repairs.