Equipment and Materials

Start-Up Equipment and Materials

Equipment and Materials

This is everything you’ll need to perform top-quality cosmetic car repairs, including paintwork and bumpers.

Everything listed is top-quality, and specially selected by SMART paintworx to do a top-quality job.

Replacements will be delivered to you weekly, to order, at trade prices.

If you like what you read here, contact SMART Paintworx to discuss how you can join the SMART paintworx future…

These items are supplied for the SMART paintworx SMART Repair system

3 weeks full hands on SMART Repair System training
Full micro paint system
SMART paintworx stationery start up kit
40 metre extension lead
10 spreaders
10 trim blades
100 latex gloves
Sponge and bucket
BumperWeld kit
Plas gel and activator
Compressor with fittings
50 mixing bottles
Heat gun
Variable speed buffer/polisher
HVLP spray gun
2 rubber sanding blocks
18″ wide masking paper roll
Masking tape soft edge
2 packs Wypall white cloth
2 packs Wypall L40
Set of bumper sprays
1 litre grey primer
2 clear coat 1 litre
G3 rubbing compound
Polish cream
Bumper Gel
2 sets SMART paintworx uniforms
Laptop and software
Colour chip guides and alternatives
20 metre extension lead
5 tag racks
2 artist brushes
Chamois leather
Bottle of detergent
Tints storage rack
1kg body filler
45′ high pressure hose and fittings
Digital scale
Infra-red lamp
Compound pad
Set sandpaper (6 grades)
3M large rubber block
3 rolls each of 1″ and 2″ masking tape
Pair of safety goggles
Gun wash
2 x 1 litre panel prep
2 x 1 litre mid coat
10 polishing cloths
3 Scotch Bright
Onion mixing board