Your Investment

Your Investment

Best of all, the SMART paintworx car repair business you’ve built up is your very own. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of self-employment – the flexibility, the satisfaction of working for yourself, the knowledge that the harder you work the better you’ll do. And when you finally decide to stop working, the business will be yours to sell on to someone else.

Remember, though, that franchising isn’t a soft option – you will have to work hard, especially at the start, to make the best of the opportunity.

Assess your strengths and weaknesses before you start: You know if you have the ingredients for building your own business. Do you have the motivation, dedication, determination, support from family and friends, which will be so important, especially during your first months working for yourself?

If so, read on and talk to us about taking on a franchise. We welcome people who want to take part in the SMART paintworx future.

Phone 0410 630 075, email and find out how we can help you.