Your Opportunity

Your Opportunity

Smart Repair Franchises with SMART Paintworx

Have you reached a cross-roads in your life?

Your job no longer motivates you enough. Or it doesn’t pay you enough. Maybe it doesn’t even exist any more… Whatever the reason, you’re thinking about working for yourself. We know just what you mean, because we’ve been there too, and now we’re part of the SMART paintworx future. Let’s see if SMART paintworx is right for you.

Have you heard about franchising? A franchise is a business arrangement where the owner of a business, the franchisor, supplies a proven business concept to an operator, the franchisee, who then has use of the franchisor’s name, product and goodwill. SMART Paintworx is a franchise.

Advantages of Automotive Repair Franchising with SMART Paintworx

Franchising has several significant advantages over starting up from scratch on your own. It certainly relieves the business starter of many of the uncertainties involved in setting up. Most important, franchises have a very much better chance of success. It’s estimated that 94% of franchisees are still operating profitable businesses after five years, while more than 40% of small firms cease trading in their first three years.

This is because with a franchise like SMART paintworx you get a proven product – one that you know will work well and have a market, because all the hard work of product and market development has already been done.