Mobile Windscreen Repairs Adelaide

We're Sorry - we no longer offer mechanical, electrical or windscreen services. We specialise in paint repairs (including scratch and dent repairs), bumper repairs, alloy wheel repairs and other cosmetic vehicle repairs. Please click here to view our list of current cosmetic vehicle repair services.

Putting the customer first

All too often in the car repair and windscreen repair industries, repair shops do not treat their customers like they should. Rather than treating the individuals who keep them in business with respect, they treat them like they own something to the shop for agreeing to repair their car.

Other companies often find themselves unwilling or unable to work according to the clients schedule, telling them instead that they should take a busy day out of their life to sit around in the repair shop while the car gets fixed.

Nobody would abide by this type of behavior in any other industry, yet in the automobile repair industry, it has become something of the new normal.

Windscreen repairs in Adelaide – Services

Fortunately, we can present a different reality. We put you, the customer, first by bringing the repair shop to the site of the mobile windscreen repairs in Adelaide.

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Due to recent technological improvements in the field of automotive repair, it is now possible to have a shop for mobile windscreen repairs in Adelaide. All necessary repair tools are kept in the mobile repair shop, and there is no necessity for you to ever bring your car down to the repair shop.

Which means no more time out of your day, and no more time wasted while you sit around waiting for your windscreen to get fixed. With mobile windscreen repairs in Adelaide, the customer is truly first.