Quick Panel Repairs

Who would’ve thought that quick panel repairs could become even quicker!!

Technology is advancing all the time. One minute you’re up to date and the next there is something new on the market. Here at SMART Paintworx we are always trying to find ways to not only improve our repairs but to save time. Shaving time off the repairs is a benefit to both us and the customer. Our new UV primers and UV curing technology is doing just that, saving time. Many manufacturers and repairers from all different industries are adopting this method for obvious reasons.

What are Rapid Repairs?

A UV primer is applied & UV LED exposure will cause a reaction resulting in the area being fully cured & ready to sand. This will literally shave substantial time off your repair. The primer can be set in just 30-60 seconds. This means the technician repairing your scratch or dent can get right to painting with less drying time. This will save the need of using heat lamps on your car & reduce your waiting time.

You will find that the technicians may choose to adopt this rapid method for the smaller repairs but will still resort to the original method for the larger areas of damage.

Quick Panel Repairs Become Even Quicker
Quick Panel Repairs Become Even Quicker
This is the world’s most innovative and fastest repair process… And SMART Paintworx are applying this technology to their fleet of technicians. People are so time poor these days and always looking to have the quickest option available to them so this is perfect.
As an added bonus it is also more environmentally friendly and offers a safer alternative to many chemicals. Seems to me that this UV technology is ticking all the boxes.
For a quick quote and quick panel repairs call SMART Paintworx on 0410 630 075.
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