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Damaged alloy wheels, mags and rims on your car can be repaired and restored from the effects of the harsh conditions on the roads. They are constantly being weathered with stones, rocks, tar, curbs, and all sorts of nasties. Consequently we offer a 3 month warranty on all alloy repairs.

While the structure of the alloy wheel remains strong, the beauty can quickly be destroyed leaving your cars wheels pitted, scratched, lifeless and in need of alloy wheel repairs or restoration. Replacing your car’s alloy wheels can cost several hundreds, even thousands of dollars, but the repair or restoration of your scratched alloys and damaged wheel’s/rims represents exceptional value for money. Not to mention, with a cut and polish, it makes your whole car look brand new!

At SMART Paintworx we restore and repair alloy wheels, rims and mags in adelaide to their original beauty and condition with our specialised wheel restoration process. We use smart repair which gives your alloy wheel’s a long-term repair and restore’s the alloy wheel to its original condition. With CNC lathe technology we are even able to repair diamond cut rims. SMART Paintworx now has the technology to offer a SMART repair and also a full machined face finish to the rims which has been exclusive to just a few Adelaide based companies until now. Unfortunately we cannot repair cracks in alloy wheels.

SMART Paintworx use smart repair techniques to repair just the damaged area, keeping the alloy wheel original. This method is ideal for the more budget conscious. An alloy compound is only used in extreme circumstances and is not something that we generally recommend. SMART repairs can also be used when repairing machined alloys, however there can be a small difference in the repaired area. The repaired area will be smooth instead of having the fine machined lines. Many are not bothered by this and is the chosen service for many customers. As with all our services they can be carried out at your convenience at your home or office or our workshop in Pt Adelaide.

CNC Repair is for the car enthusiast after perfection. This method will restore the face of the rims to a new finish. There will be no imperfections and definitely a preferred option for the car enthusiast.

Regardless of make, model or size, the alloy wheel repair in Adelaide can be carried out to ensure that your mags are restored to their former glory.

Below are some of the different kinds of Wheel repairs SMART Paintworx have carried out in Adelaide.

These two photos show our most common Alloy wheel scratch repair. The first photo shows standard Alloy wheel damage. The second photo shows the Alloy Wheel after our mobile alloy wheel repair service – it’s looking like the day it came out of the showroom.

Below is a Shadow Chrome wheel, While other repairers say no, with our extensive experience with shadow chrome wheel repairs, we say yes! See the results of our Shadow chrome wheel repair Service in Adelaide below.

Here you can see a two tone alloy wheel on a Range Rover Sport. This wheel has a machined face. All of these alloy wheel repairs have been repaired using our mobile service in Adelaide.

Below: Scratched alloy wheel on a Nissan 350z that has the unique shadow chrome finish

Alloy Wheel Repairs Before Side

Alloy Wheel Repairs Ifull Before

Alloy Wheel Repairs

Alloy Wheel Repairs


As you can see the shadow chrome alloy wheel repair below is undetectable, We carried out this repair with our mobile alloy wheel repair service at the customers chosen location.

Bored Of Your Wheels, Why Not Change The Colour?

We offer a variety of colour options, including Matte Black, White, Gold, Various Shades – it’s your choice.

Of course like all of our repair services our alloy wheel repair service is a mobile onsite touch up and paint service, so If you need a repair to your alloy wheels in Adelaide, why not give us a call on 0410 630 075 We are open: Mon-Fri 8.30am-4.30pm. Alternatively, use the request a Quote page and upload photo’s of your damaged alloy’s. We will then give you a call to discuss price’s and a convenient time for us to carry out your alloy wheel repairs at your choice of location.

Check out the alloy wheel repair/restoration video below to see it for your own eyes. For other examples of alloy wheel repairs by SMART Paintworx please browse our Photo Gallery

Video : Mag repairs in Adelaide on Audi Alloy Rim

Video : Restoring Wheels to Original Champagne Colour

Video : Wheel Restoration

Video : Diamond Cut Wheels

Video : Machined Rims

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