Dent Repairs

It happens many different ways; from inconsiderate drivers denting your door in parking lots, to trucks flicking up stones on your car, to the kids falling from their bikes onto your car. Your car gets dented and scratched, causing it to devalue and look unsightly.

You now have an option that is cheaper and much more convenient to get your dent repaired in Adelaide and paint scratches removed.

A lot of paint scratches and panel dents look a lot worse than they are – and most can be dealt with by using simple, inexpensive SMART repair techniques. These techniques enable us to repair dents and car scratches in a small area – avoiding replacing or repairing the entire panel.

Dent Repairs Dent In BMW Boot

Dent Repairs Dent In BMW Boot

Dent Repairs Dent In BMW Boot

You may need a paint scratch repair or dent repaired around the keyhole on the driver’s door, paint scratches repaired from a side mirror or a panel dent repaired in the door or quarter panel. Whatever the dent or ding, we can repair it at your home or work quickly and inexpensively. We can repair dents or scratches in Adelaide and restore your cars value.

Some minor dents can be repaired using the innovative Paintless dent repair process while more complicated dents may require our SMART paint repair method.

When a dent or scratch needs a onsite paint repair in Adelaide, We use the colour code from your vehicle to mix up the paint and match it to the exact colour of your car.

Dent Repairs Adelaide – Get a Quote

Feel free to send us a picture of your dent or scratch that needs paint repairing by email or sms and we can give you an estimate over the phone, then confirm the price on our arrival. You’ll be surprised at how inexpensive and convenient it is to have your dents repaired and scratches removed.

We’re fully equipped to: repair dents, remove scratches, repair and restore Alloy Wheels, repair bumpers, paint scratches, detailing inside and out and even cut and polishing.

Being a mobile onsite paint repair service in Adelaide gives you advantages; we can come to your home or work and repair dents on your car at your convenience, we charge a lot less than any crash repairer or repair shop, and in almost all cases we get the job done in just a few hours.

Photos: Before and After

Dent Repairs VW Dent In Rear

Dent Repairs VW Dent In Rear

Mazda Guard Dent - Before

Mazda Guard Dent – Before

Mazda Guard Dent - After

Mazda Guard Dent – After

So don’t worry about dropping the car off somewhere and hoping to get it back the same day. Save yourself time and money… get SMART Paintworx on the job to repair dents in Adelaide. Check out the details of all our services by clicking on the links. You can even see us in action with the videos of our work on some of the pages. Of course like all of our vehicle repair services our dent repair service is a mobile paint service, so If you need a dent repair to your car in Adelaide, why not give SMART Paintworx a call on 0410 630 075 we are open Mon-Fri 8.30am-4.30pm or see the request a Quote page and upload photo’s of your dent or dents, we will then give you a call to discuss price’s and a convenient time for us to carry out your dent repairs at your choice of location.
Video: Dent Repair on rear wheel guard

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