Diamond Cut Wheels

Looking to have your diamond cut wheels repaired? Diamond cut wheels otherwise known as CNC machined wheels are quite popular with car owners and manufacturers these days. Machined rims are quite easy to detect as they are generally two toned. One area will be painted and the other will be a very shiny bare metal […]

Plastic bumper repairs

Onsite plastic bumper repairs are a daily occurrence for SMART Paintworx. Definitely  the most common repair performed by our technicians by far. Carparks are notorious for getting the standard scrape to the corner of the bumper bar but luckily easily fixed. Some damage can be a little more challenging to repair but by sending a […]

Mobile Scratches Repaired

Looking for a reputable company to have Mobile Scratches Repaired in Adelaide, call SMART Paintworx. Not only will you get quality workmanship from each and every one of the technicians but you will be helping to grow a South Australian owned and operated business. Having worked in Crash Shops prior to commencing with SMART Paintworx, […]

Mobile Scratch Repairs

If you’re looking for a mobile team of technicians in Adelaide, look  no further. Mobile scratch repairs are just one of the many services used by private customers and businesses alike. One vehicle or an entire fleet, SMART Paintworx are more than happy to quote on your scratches, dents, bumper bars and alloys. By either […]

Rim Restorations

Rim Restorations, gutter rash, colour changes ……….. Get your alloy rims looking like new. Rim Restorations of alloys with gutter rash to looking like new ✔️ Change the colour of your alloys to match your car’s paintwork ✔️ We come to you ✔️ Cosmetic Damage Gutter rash Chips Brake Dust Clear coat lifting due to poor care Gutter […]

Mobile Plastic Bumper Repairs

Mobile Plastic Bumper Repairs, you’re on the right track. There are so many variances when it comes to bumper bars. Some are the same colour as the vehicle and some aren’t. There are more and more textured bumper bars or some that have a small textured section. Moulded plastic and even two toned are ever […]

Raptor Protective Coating

Great news…. SMART Paintworx is now offering Raptor Protective Coating So, what is this protective coating you may ask? Raptor protective coating is a durable urethane coating that provides many surfaces with a protective barrier that can withstand the toughest of situations. The coating is developed to withstand tough conditions, it is UV resistant & will […]

Cracked Or Dented Bumper

Have you got a cracked or dented bumper? If you have a cracked or dented bumper, never fear! SMART Paintworx can get this repaired for you in just a few hours & only a few hundred dollars. Our bumper repairs are affordable, convenient & give you that showroom finish you are wanting. If you have […]

Cloudy Headlights

Cloudy headlights can occur on any vehicle over time. The number one main cause is ultra violet light from the sun which eats away at the plastic. Consequently, living in Australia it’s impossible to avoid. Why do some headlights on different  makes and models deteriorate quicker than others? Easy answer, plastics used for headlight lenses […]

Metallic Paint Repairs

One of the most commonly asked questions is “Can SMART Paintworx help with Metallic Paint Repairs?” In short, of course we can……….. Metallic paints are extremely popular with new car manufacturers and have over taken the previously dominant solid colours by far. Whilst the solid colours are cheaper and simpler to repair, I think you’d […]

Dent Repairs in Adelaide

South Australia statistically have the most crash prone drivers……………… With an opening line like this it seems every motorist should have SMART Paintworx on speed dial for their dent repairs in Adelaide. Studies by Canstar.com.au state that although the most claims are made in New South Wales and Victoria, it’s actually South Australia that tops […]

Barossa Scratch & Dent Removal

We’re on the move – Barossa Scratch & Dent Removal at your doorstep   We now have a technician providing the services to more of the northern suburbs and available for all Barossa Scratch & Dent Removal.  Hence, no travel fees and more availability, minimising the wait time. For this reason we have on occasions turned […]

Bumper Bar Damage Repaired Onsite

Bumper bar damage – what you need to know Are you sick of looking at that unsightly bumper bar damage on your vehicle? SMART Paintworx can help with most bumper bar damage such as dents, scrapes, scratches and cracks. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised by the quote and how quick and easy the process […]

Same Day Scratch Repairs in Adelaide

Are you looking for same day scratch repairs in Adelaide? We can help. If you’re like most of our clients, you need your car. That means you can’t simply drop your car off at a panel shop for a few days, especially just for scratch repairs. Fortunately, our mobile service means we come to you, […]

Colour Change Your Car Parts

Many car parts can be freshened up with a simple colour change………… Full resprays of vehicle calipers and alloy wheels can be performed at our workshop in Port Adelaide only.  Whether you’re after a colour change from the more common silver to matte black, Lamborghini orange or Ferrari red (the choices are endless!). We’ve got the […]


All your Carsales needs can be addressed in one quick phone call…… Whether you are selling a car or buying a car there is often a need to have some cosmetic repairs done in preparation for carsales. Selling a Vehicle When selling a car you don’t want to spend ridiculous amounts of money tidying it […]

Cosmetic Touch Ups

Cosmetic Touch Ups that look like new…………….. Cosmetic touch ups are not exclusive to motor vehicles. Our SMART Paintworx technicians have been called upon to repair such things as fridges, washing machines, trailers, fences and even council artwork just to name a few. Being mobile makes this option rather handy. Keep in mind that if […]

Unusual Paint Repairs – more than just your conventional repairs

UNUSUAL PAINT REPAIRS, TRY SMART PAINTWORX WHAT WE REPAIR  MIGHT SURPRISE YOU! When most people think of mobile paint and dent repairs they think of damage to car doors, bumpers and wheels… Some of the more unusual repairs have been performed by our technician from time to time as well! Over the years we’ve had some […]

Multiple Car Repairs

It’s possible to have MULTIPLE CAR REPAIRS performed at the same time…….. Whether it’s panel dents and scratches, bumper scrapes and splits or alloy wheels with gutter rash, SMART Paintworx have highly skilled technicians who can repair them all on-site!  Don’t waste time going to one company for a dent repair, another for a bumper repair […]

Small Bumper Repairs

Using the SMART method to repair bumpers with our mobile service across Adelaide and surrounding suburbs, SMART Paintworx can perform small bumper repairs at the convenience of your home or office, saving you time and money. Small bumper repairs don’t have to mean losing your car for a week or two at a crash shop, and they don’t have to involve replacing […]

Car Scratches

Car Scratches Looking for an affordable way to repair those unwanted car scratches? Look no further…………………. Using SMART Paintworx who specialise in S.M.A.R.T repair is just what you need. Not only is it inexpensive, it’s professional, fast and convenient. Whilst some car scratches will polish out with a professional cut & polish using quality products and tools […]

Dent Repair

Dent Repair and your choices When you find a dent on the panel of your vehicle it is important to make the right decision when searching for the best method of dent repair. Some are better suited for the more traditional repair using filler and respraying the panel when other dents are better suited for […]

Bumper Bar

How a bumper bar has changed over time Bumper bar modifications and why? Although many modifications have been made to bumper bars on vehicles over the years they still serve the same purpose.  The bumper bar is there to minimise the damage to the other panels of our vehicles therefore keeping costs down. While still serving […]

Scratch Repairs Western Suburbs

Scratch Repairs Western Suburbs When searching for a cosmetic car repair specialist look no further than SMART Paintworx for scratch repairs western suburbs. Not only do we travel to all inner metro suburbs of Adelaide we also have a workshop in Pt Adelaide making your choice of repairer that little simpler. Scratch repairs western suburbs […]

Western Suburbs Bumper Repairs

Our technicians will travel from Outer Harbour all the way down to Sellicks Beach (and beyond, just ask!) for all kinds of western suburbs bumper repairs. SMART Paintworx technicians are mobile and ready to fix your western suburbs bumper repairs.  Don’t let a crash shop convince you to replace your bumper and lose your vehicle […]

Brake Calipers

Re-invent your brake calipers……….. We all know the purpose of brake calipers but why not utilise them to enhance the look of your vehicle. Wether it’s a colour change or adding stickers you will be amazed with the transformation.   So many people choose to change the colour of their rims from the standard alloy […]

Polished Rim

Repairing a polished rim is just the tip of the iceberg. SMART Paintworx have been building an excellent reputation over the years and increasing their client base with an array of services for every car owner. Recently a very disappointed BMW owner called us to see what could be done to the damage on his […]