Scratch Repairs

Scratch Repairs

Scratches and Paint Damage

We can repair almost any scratched, scuffed or chipped paint, including:

  • Paint scratches
  • Scratches from vandalism
  • Key scratches
  • Car park damage
  • General Wear and tear

Selling your car? Let Smart Paintworx give your car a presale touch-up to remove general wear-and-tear scratches and scuffs.

Book Your Scratch Repairs

The simple solution to your scratches and paint damage is to call SMART Paintworx! You will quickly get a polite assessment of the job and, if you choose to progress, the repair will be done extremely well – quickly, politely and conveniently at the location of your choice.

An experienced smart repair technician, fully trained and qualified, will carry out the repair at your choice of location.

We are open:  Mon-Fri 8.30am-4.30pm or see the request a Quote page and upload photos of your car’s scratches.

Perfect Colour Match

Smart Paintworx team of expert repairers is equipped to handle any kind of scratched or damaged paintwork. Our computerised colour matching software ensures a perfect colour-match for your car. We will have your car looking like new in just a few hours.

SMART repairs for all scratches and paint damage. Damaged paint – including scratches, scuffs, peeling paint and scrapes – is our specialty. Whether you choose our mobile service, or visit our workshop, we can perfectly colour-match your car’s paint for an undetectable scratch repair.

Adelaide Car Scratch Repairs

Click on the videos below to see our scratch repair services in action! Like all our repairs, these were carried out by our wheel and paint technicians in Adelaide.

Dent Repair on right front guard of Blue Holden
Panel Scratches Repaired the SMART way
Scratch and Dent Repairs

SMART Repairs for Paint Scratches

Isn’t it annoying when your lovely car gets a scratch and you are faced with the choice of either losing your no claim bonus or having your car look less than perfect! Scuffs and chips, vandal scratches, minor dents and bumper damage – all these can be repaired, re-polished and re-finished, fixed and your vehicle made to look like new.

You may need paint repair around the keyhole on the driver’s door, scratches repaired on a side mirror or vandalism repaired in the door or quarter panel. Whatever the scratch or ding, we can repair the damage and restore your car’s value. Of course, you could put it in an insurance claim and lose your no claim, bonus but your excess would probably cost more than the repair would cost through SMART Paintworx.