Cracked Or Dented Bumper

Have you got a cracked or dented bumper?

If you have a cracked or dented bumper, never fear! SMART Paintworx can get this repaired for you in just a few hours & only a few hundred dollars.

Our bumper repairs are affordable, convenient & give you that showroom finish you are wanting.

If you have a bumper dent, we can use a heat source to manipulate the dent out as much as possible, this will reduce the amount of plastic filler required before we prep the damaged area & paint, finishing with a clear coat.

This process can take as little as 2 hours to complete & will be completely undetectable once our technician has finished the repair. The colour is matched with your vehicles paint code & mixed up on the day according to the ‘colour recipe’. Our technicians will also eye match to ensure that the paint is 100% the right colour match 

Bumper Bar Damage Adelaide
Dented Bumper


If you have a nasty crack through your bumper, we can have this looking like new in no time. We reinforce the back of the split or crack with a fibreglass e-poxy bandage & an e-poxy plastic repair sealant. The sealant is actually stronger than ABS plastic which the bumper is made of. The technician will then plastic weld the the area & use a plastic filler to cover over the effected area, prep & then spray. This will once again be undetectable upon completion.


Cracked Bumper
Cracked Bumper


Our paintwork is guaranteed for two years. This should give you piece of mind that your vehicle is in good hands with our skilled technicians.

If you would like a quote for your bumper damage, all you need to do is send through your photos & information such as full name, suburb & make/ model of your vehicle. One of our friendly staff will be in touch with your quote & we can get you booked in as soon as possible. | | 0410 630 075




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