Alloy repair

Alloy repair is common and one that is requested on a daily basis.

Whether you’ve tried to sneak into a tight spot, parked a little too close to the gutter. Or was the damage caused as a result of an accident. Whatever the reason we can advise you on the cost involved to have the alloy repair done in a time efficient manner.

Are your alloys chrome, painted alloy, gloss black, machined or even something a little more unique in colour? In most cases we have a repair that will suit both you and your budget. Whilst we cannot repair cracked rims we have a remedy for most other types of alloy repair.

Just ask, we can even give you the change you’re looking for.

We don’t just offer alloy repair but colour changes also. We will only provide the full respray option at our workshop in Pt Adelaide but will still be done in less than a day. Perfect just for a change or if you can’t get what you want with your new car purchase. Often customers have bought a new car but couldn’t get their choice in rims, that’s where we come in.

Whilst we don’t have a lathe in the vans for those machined rims, we can still offer a great machined alloy repair. This is particularly the case when the gutter rash is on the very outer edge.

Machined Alloy Repair
Alloy Repair








By taking some photos and sending them by text to 0410 630 075 or emailing you are well on your way to having your alloys repaired and looking as good as new. The other option is to complete our online request a quote form either way, it’s easy.



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