Re-invent your brake calipers………..

We all know the purpose of brake calipers but why not utilise them to enhance the look of your vehicle. Wether it’s a colour change or adding stickers you will be amazed with the transformation.

Before Alloy Wheel Respray

Alloys BEFORE respray to matte black

After Alloy Wheel Respray

Alloys AFTERr respray to matte black


So many people choose to change the colour of their rims from the standard alloy to matte

or gloss black. By painting the brake calipers it adds another dimension to your vehicle and

for the car lover this is just what you’re looking for.


Brembo caliper respray BEFORE

Brake Calipers

Brembo caliper respray AFTER 1

Colour change to brake calipers

Brembo caliper respray AFTER 2

Brake callipers after a full respray


Changing the colour of the calipers can make a dramatic difference to your vehicle

and catch the eye of passers by, People often choose to colour code them to the rest

of the vehicle or sometimes something entirely different. The choice is yours!!



Look at the difference degreasing and adding stickers to these HSV brake calipers made. I think you’ll agree it adds so much to the appearance and while not breaking the bank it’s definitely worthwhile.

Brake Calipers Before

Brake Calipers Before

Brake Calipers After

Brake Calipers After