Bringing your alloy wheels back to life

Eliminate the annoyance you feel each time you look at that damaged wheel by having an alloy restoration done to bring it back to its original condition.

Your love for your car demands the perfection that we can provide by repairing and bringing your alloy wheels back to life!

Alloy wheel restoration will have your whole car looking flawless after the alloy repair. We are able to repair and fix scratches, gutter scrapes/rash, curb damage, chipped paint, chipped alloys and cracks.

The process for refurbishing your alloys is fairly straight forward;

Cleaning the alloys: an important step for restoration to the alloy wheels as this exposes all areas that need to be treated and repaired.

Hard sanding: hard sanding the surface of the alloy wheel, which removes all damage and prepares the surface for a quality rim repair.

Soft sanding & alloy compound: soft sanding is a delicate process and is done to create the smoothest possible surface. If any shape is lost to the alloy wheel due to hard sanding, an alloy compound will be used to re-create the exact shape.

Paint application: We colour match to the original colour of your alloy wheel. The wheel is then primed, finely painted and then clear coated for a long lasting wow factor finish!

If an alloy repair is not what you’re after, why not customise your alloy wheels, giving your car its own personal look by changing the colour.

We offer a variety of colour options, including Gloss Black, White, Gold, Grey – your options are endless!

Contact us either by phone 0410 630 075 or via our website to arrange your quote.

Damaged alloy needing repair
Damaged alloy needing repair


Alloy Wheel after repair
Alloy Wheel after repair


Original looking alloys
Original looking alloys


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