Bumper Bar Repairs – Fast, Affordable & Convenient

Bumper Repairs – Fast Affordable & Convenient

We all live busy lives and no one has the available money or time to be fixing that small scrape on your bumper bar that is making your car look tired and unkept. There is no need to worry because here at SMART Paintworx we pride ourselves on providing affordable pricing without compromising on service. One phone call, a few questions answered and you are well on your way to receiving your quote and booking in that repair that has just been driving you crazy. As we are a mobile service we can make arrangements to come to your home or workplace to carry out the repairs.

It doesn’t matter if the bumper bar is dented, scratched or even cracked. Our technicians are highly experienced in all these repairs and take great pride in restoring your vehicle to its former glory. Using the colour code from your vehicle we can mix the paint on board our vans to match the repair perfectly. Servicing Adelaide and surrounding metropolitan suburbs we offer the convenience of having your repair done in just a few short hours.

There really is no reason not to make the call. We hope to hear from you soon.

Bumper DamageBumper Damage Repaired

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