Bumper Repairs Adelaide – Dents, scuffs or cracks… we fix them all.

Your car’s bumper bar can often take nasty knocks leaving unsightly scrapes, dents and even cracks. There is no need to delay the repair as SMART Paintworx can offer a high quality repair for a very affordable price.

Offering a mobile vehicle repair service SMART Paintworx will come to your home or workplace and repair the damage in as little as 2 hours and sometimes less. Using our onboard colour matching system we can match the paint repair by using your vehicles colour code.

Stone chips, scrapes, scuffs and dents can all be repaired onsite. There is no need to respray a full bumper bar for a small scrape in just one area. Using a technique known as SMART repair our highly skilled technicians can repair just the area of damage restoring the value and original appearance to your vehicle.

Don’t delay, call SMART Paintworx today to obtain your free no obligation quote.

Bumper DamageBumper Damage Repaired

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