Car Scratches

Car Scratches

Looking for an affordable way to repair those unwanted car scratches? Look no further………………….

Using SMART Paintworx who specialise in S.M.A.R.T repair is just what you need. Not only is it inexpensive, it’s professional, fast and convenient.

Whilst some car scratches will polish out with a professional cut & polish using quality products and tools specifically designed with this job in mind there are those that will need to be resprayed to achieve the as new appearance. While many car owners choose to take on the cut & polishing themselves there are many of us that would prefer to leave that to the experts. Being a little time poor with our busy lives it is often easier to have those fine car scratches handled by someone else.

When cut & polishing just isn’t enough you can call on the SMART team to have the area repaired with minimal fuss. We take care of most car scratches from bumper bars to doors and guards but leaving the larger panels such as bonnets and roofs to the Crash Shops. For the small car scratches it isn’t necessary to respray full panels so a SMART repair is the perfect solution. With the fully stocked colour matching system onboard each of our vans we can ensure your car scratches are long forgotten once completed.

Mobile, affordable and servicing suburbs from one side of Adelaide to the other our SMART Paintworx team take pride in their work and do whatever possible to get your car looking tip top again.



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