Colour Code your Badges & Customise your Car

Don’t be like everyone with the factory standard finish.

Stand out from the crowd and customise your vehicle badges, alloys or even the front grille to enhance & alter the original finish. We can respray the badges to a colour code of your choosing to personalise your vehicle.

A recent customer of ours was absolutely thrilled with the finish on his CX5.

Mazda CX5 Badge Original
Mazda CX5 Badge Original
Colour Coded Badge


Colour code your badges & customise your car for a very affordable price.

Maximum change minimum value.

Customising your badges, grilles and other trims are best completed at our workshop to ensure the best possible finish.


All badges are removed from the vehicle to ensure a professional finish every time. Using an automotive paint system we can ensure a durable paint finish which is the same as the panels on your vehicle.

You won’t believe the difference just changing the colour of the trims will make. Unique, fresh and eye catching are just a few ways to describe the changes.

Colour code your badges & customise your car………………..

Standard CX5 Alloys
Standard CX5 Alloys
Colour Coded CX5 alloys
Colour Coded CX5 alloys


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  1. Just ensuring as to the cost of painting 3 badges on my car and removing a badge altogether

    In Adelaide

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