Cosmetic Touch Ups

Cosmetic Touch Ups that look like new…

Cosmetic touch ups are not exclusive to motor vehicles. Our SMART Paintworx technicians have been called upon to repair such things as fridges, washing machines, trailers, fences and even council artwork just to name a few. Being mobile makes this option rather handy.

Keep in mind that if it’s painted theres a very good chance we can repair it.

There are a few options available when it comes to cosmetic touch ups so there’s sure to be one to suit your needs and budget.

Option 1

You can pay the big bucks and have the repair done at a Crash Shop leaving you without your vehicle for several days or maybe even weeks. Sometimes people choose this option over the cosmetic touch ups as they don’t know any different or are just old school and think this is the only way to go about repairing such damage. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with going with the full respray and I’m certain you will get a fantastic finish. I’m a little more money conscious and prefer to delve a little deeper and weigh up my options. Anything to save those $$$.

Option 2

This in my opinion is the smartest option by far. Cosmetic touch ups that look like you’ve been to a Crash Shop. Most mobile cosmetic touch ups can be completed in 1 day and in most cases just a couple of hours. We have known some repairs to be as little as a third of the cost as quoted at a Crash Shop. I won’t lie, you don’t get exactly the same for your money but let me explain it to you in more detail.

A Crash Shop will in most instances replace panels, fully respray panels or sometimes even several panels for small areas of damage. Cosmetic touch ups are great! The area of repair is kept small, minimising the size of the original paintwork being tampered with. It’s a damn side cheaper and quicker too. The repair is blended to ensure an undetectable finish. It’s a no brainer to me!

Option 3

Brush touching is certainly not the perfect finish but still a cosmetic touch up none the less. When you have that tiny chip that seems ridiculous to paint but you don’t want rust to get in and cause further damage brush touching can be an inexpensive & effective option. Not something I would recommend for the more obvious areas on your vehicle but for those little chips at the base of your door or low on the front bumper it’s great. The only person that ever notices these is the owner, generally while you’re washing the vehicle. While it’s always good to look after your vehicle there are those instances where respraying is just plain over kill. On these occasions a cosmetic touch up such as brush touching is just the thing for you.

Well there you have it, a couple of different options for those cosmetic touch ups.

Times are changing and people are looking for new technology that will provide both quality and cost savings. “Different strokes for different folks” as they say.

Remember what ever option you choose your paintwork is never “back to new” but many options can give the “as new” appearance.

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