Metallic Paint Repairs

One of the most commonly asked questions is “Can SMART Paintworx help with Metallic Paint Repairs?”

In short, of course we can………..

Metallic paints are extremely popular with new car manufacturers and have over taken the previously dominant solid colours by far. Whilst the solid colours are cheaper and simpler to repair, I think you’d agree that the metallic paints do offer a far more appealing finish. Metallic paints are offered in such a plethora of colours and shades whereas the solid colours are limited to mostly white, red, blue and black.

Despite the additional costs that come with choosing metallic, it is still very popular. It’s more difficult to colour match a small area on a metallic panel than a solid but practice makes perfect. With this in mind our technicians have had plenty of practice with these metallic paint repairs. It has been said that a metallic paint will disguise those little imperfections such as chips and fine scratches a little more than a solid colour. There’s the silver lining.

Armed with these options. Which would you choose?

For me, the choice is simple. Metallic wins every time in spite of knowing the purchase and repair prices are slightly higher. As if two choices weren’t enough, then we have pearlescent colours also. Pearlescent paint often referred to as pearl is by far more expensive to purchase and repair. You definitely need to know what you’re doing with these repairs. Otherwise you can be left with a very noticeable blob on your car where the repair has been attempted. Pearl colours have 3 stages and if not done properly it can look terrible. Whereas solid and metallic paints can be brush touched (tiny chips only) to a satisfactory level, I would not advise this on a pearlescent vehiclw.

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I found it quite interesting reading a recent post from youi relating to what colour vehicles were involved in the most or least accidents. Well worth the read.

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