Mobile Scratch Repairs

If you’re looking for a mobile team of technicians in Adelaide, look  no further.

Mobile scratch repairs are just one of the many services used by private customers and businesses alike. One vehicle or an entire fleet, SMART Paintworx are more than happy to quote on your scratches, dents, bumper bars and alloys.

By either visiting our website and completing the online request form, texting the information to 0410 630 075 or emailing direct to enquiries@smartpaintworx, we can quote on your individual needs. By providing a few key details it can speed up the process and eliminate for the two and fro.

  • Full name
  • Suburb
  • Contact Details
  • Make/model of vehicle
  • What damage do you have
  • Where on the panel is it located
  • Photos

With these few details we can get on to quoting on those mobile scratch repairs in no time and generally have the quote done in well under 24 hours.

There are many factors that can alter the cost of repairs for damages that can look very similar. Colour of the vehicle is just one, pearlescent paint, metallics and your standard solids all offer different things to consider when quoting. Location of the damage on the panel is another. If the damage is near an edge of a panel it is quite likely the technician will have to blend on to the next panel to ensure the repair is undetectable. By blending the repair that little bit further it minimises the repair being noticeable.

Dog Leg & Rear door - Before
Mobile Scratch Repairs – Before
Dog Leg & Rear Door - After
Mobile Scratch Repairs – After










Why pay more or be without your vehicle for an extended period of time when the results can be outstanding for far less money and far less time. Of course there are some repairs that are best left for the Crash Shops but well worth asking.

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