Mobile Scratches Repaired

Looking for a reputable company to have Mobile Scratches Repaired in Adelaide, call SMART Paintworx. Not only will you get quality workmanship from each and every one of the technicians but you will be helping to grow a South Australian owned and operated business. Having worked in Crash Shops prior to commencing with SMART Paintworx, each of our technicians are highly skilled in their chosen field of vehicle repairs.

Mobile scratches repaired onsite is not the only services we provide. We can also repair your alloy wheels, repair small dents and even repair your bumper bars. Each of our mobile technicians are fully equipped with the latest technology and skills to get the very best results. Many of the repairs we carry out onsite can be done in less than a couple of hours. Depending on the repair, the technician may use UV primers and UV torches to speed up the process. There really is no need to be without your car for days on end or even sometimes weeks.

Our technicians take care to protect all vehicles no matter the market value. Be it a Mustang, Ferrari, Audi, Hyundai or Mazda, they are all someones pride and joy. Covering the vehicles and masking to protect adjoining panels from overspray is just one of the standard steps taken when carrying out an onsite SMART repair. No need to worry about your pavement or garage walls. Every effort is made to protect not only the vehicle but also the surrounding area.

Taking photos and sending them to our customer service team will speed up the quoting process. The more information you can supply from the first point of contact, the quicker you will have your quote. Most quotes are completed in less than 24 business hours, normally much less.



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