Plastic bumper repairs

Onsite plastic bumper repairs are a daily occurrence for SMART Paintworx. Definitely  the most common repair performed by our technicians by far. Carparks are notorious for getting the standard scrape to the corner of the bumper bar but luckily easily fixed. Some damage can be a little more challenging to repair but by sending a photo of your damage it can be easily assessed.

There are a few basic questions we may have for you when requesting a quote.

  • Colour
  • Make and model
  • Where is the damage on the bumper bar
  • Is there a split, dent or just paint damage

All of these questions are asked for a valid reason and can help us to ensure the repair is quoted accurately. Taking the best possible photos will help speed up the process and eliminate a lot of unwanted questions. Although we don’t need the same attention to detail as a Crash Shop, a clear photo of the damage taken up close and from further away will help us establish a clear vision of the damage. You’ll see a perfect example below of a customer that has taken a nice close up of the damage and then another from a little further back showing the area surrounding the damage.

Plastic Bumper Repair - Close Up Photo
Plastic Bumper Repair – Close Up Photo
Plastic Bumper Repair - Larger View
Plastic Bumper Repair – Larger View











Next step after quoting, well it’s up to you to decide if you want to proceed. At these prices I don’t think you’ll be shopping around. Booking plastic bumper repairs is easy, once we have your location we can check our calendar for the next available time. If that day and time doesn’t suit you we will keep searching until we can find a mutually agreeable time. You’ll be back on the road in no time at all with our SMART Repairs. Just be careful in those car parks.

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