Where are all the solid colours?? Now all the new cars seem to be metallic and mica and pearlescent.

When buying a new car you are faced with so many different decisions, colour choice being just one. Just arm yourself with knowledge so you know what is involved should there be a need for repairing pearl and metallic paints that may or may not alter your decision. Do your research first and you will be well prepared for what lies ahead regarding general upkeep and should any repairs be required. Being prepared allows you to make an informed decision with few surprises down the track.

The solid colours have been around for years and pose very few problems with upkeep and repairs. Having said that we all know that black cars and similar are renowned for showing swirl marks and any blemish so maintenance wise they can be hard work. Colours such as silver can be a little more expensive to repair. For example if there was a scratch on the rear door of a vehicle that was close to the edge of the panel (leading towards the rear guard) the technician would need to blend the repair on to the rear guard to ensure a perfect undetectable repair. This isn’t necessary on all colours so this is an interesting fact to consider when choosing a colour. Solid colours are very different to repairing pearl and metallic paints.

Repairing pearl and metallic paints………..

Repairing pearl and metallic paints can prove a little trickier. Although metallics have become as common as your solid colours the pearls are more work. Any pearl colour would need a blend panel as mentioned above making repairs a little more expensive. The extra cost to repair is outweighed by the glorious finish of pearl paintwork, don’t you agree?

Our company is well equipped with updated computer  programs onboard our vans to ensure we are kept in the loop with the ever increasing colour codes being manufactured. Providing your vehicle is factory finish and you have the colour code you can rest assured our technicians are prepared for repairing pearl and metallic paints along with the standard solid and also the mica colours now available.

Like I said before, choose what you love but just be aware that repairing pearl of metallic paints can be more complex so you want to have the right person on the job. SMART Paintworx pride themselves with keeping up to date with the new paints available.

Now you know, what will you choose???