Rim Restorations

Rim Restorations, gutter rash, colour changes ………..

Get your alloy rims looking like new.

Rim Restorations of alloys with gutter rash to looking like new ✔️

Change the colour of your alloys to match your car’s paintwork ✔️

We come to you ✔️

Cosmetic Damage

  • Gutter rash
  • Chips
  • Brake Dust
  • Clear coat lifting due to poor care

Gutter rash

Eliminate Gutter Rash on your rim in under an hour.  A simple process – Firstly, the damage is sanded back, which removes all scuffs.  Secondly, a filler is used as required. Finally, the rim is polished or sprayed and finished off with a final clear coat. Rim restoration at it’s finest.


Machine Faced Rims

For a Machine Faced Rim, it is impossible to replicate the fine lined finish, unless you have the rim re-machined (which is an expensive option).  However, our technique will restore your alloy to 95% improvement, without the fine lines, however, undetectable unless standing up close.  When you send photos for a quote we will advise if your rim is machined. This finish is not always obvious, and differs to each make.


Rim Restoration
Rim Restoration


Colour Change

How about a colour change for your alloys?  Either a matching colour for your bodywork, or a complimentary colour, the choice is yours   A visit to our workshop in Port Adelaide and the works can be carried out efficiently, quickly and give you a professional finish.  When undertaking full resprays, we paint the front of the rim. As a result,  cost is kept down.

No matter the type of rims, chrome, machined, shadow chrome etc., we can advise you your best options.


Our technicians have combined 30+ years experience in the spray painting and cosmetic paint repair industry, and therefore offer a professional job. First time, every time.

Regardless the make, model or size, rim restoration  can be carried out to ensure your mags are restored to their former glory.   Send pictures for a no fuss, no obligation FREE quote.



Rim restoration, a SMART idea !  



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