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Cosmetic Touch Ups

Cosmetic Touch Ups that look like new… Cosmetic touch ups are not exclusive to motor vehicles. Our SMART Paintworx technicians have been called upon to repair such things as fridges, washing machines, trailers, fences and even council artwork just to…

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Multiple Car Repairs

It’s possible to have MULTIPLE CAR REPAIRS performed at the same time…….. Whether it’s panel dents and scratches, bumper scrapes and splits or alloy wheels with gutter rash, SMART Paintworx have highly skilled technicians who can repair them all on-site!  Don’t…

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Small Bumper Repairs

Using the SMART method to repair bumpers with our mobile service across Adelaide and surrounding suburbs, SMART Paintworx can perform small bumper repairs at the convenience of your home or office, saving you time and money. Small bumper repairs don’t have to mean losing your car for…

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Graffiti Repairs

Mobile Graffiti Repairs Across Adelaide & Surrounding Suburbs You’ve seen it before as you’re doing your daily drive… Some unsuspecting soul has had their pride and joy defaced by a scoundrel, with rude words or images spray painted or drawn…

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Car Park Collisions

Call them car park collisions, bingles, bumps, scratches, scrapes, or dings; most of us have experienced such mishaps in the past, or are sure to find ourselves in such a position at some point in the future. Minor car park damage…

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Car Scratches

Car Scratches Looking for an affordable way to repair those unwanted car scratches? Look no further…………………. Using SMART Paintworx who specialise in S.M.A.R.T repair is just what you need. Not only is it inexpensive, it’s professional, fast and convenient. Whilst some car…

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Dent Repair

paintless dent repair light board

Dent Repair and your choices When you find a dent on the panel of your vehicle it is important to make the right decision when searching for the best method of dent repair. Some are better suited for the more…

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Scratch Repair

Keyed Car Scratch Repair

Where do the scratches come from and how to handle those scratch repairs Why is it that even when a car is washed regularly there still seems to be scratches, chips, scrapes and swirl marks appearing. It’s so frustrating and…

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