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Textured Bumper Bar Repairs

Nissan Trail - hole in textured bumper
Textured Bumper Bar Repairs, just one of our many services…………. Times are changing and the materials used on bumper bars has altered over the years. Not only do we have painted repairs to the colour coded bumper bars we also…
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Vehicle Damage Repairs

The winter months have proven to be notorious for car accidents on the road. Poor weather conditions and impatient drivers are a bad combination often resulting in the need to have some vehicle damage repairs done. Crash shops aren’t always…
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Polished Rim

Polished BMW Rim Before
Repairing a polished rim is just the tip of the iceberg. SMART Paintworx have been building an excellent reputation over the years and increasing their client base with an array of services for every car owner. Recently a very disappointed…
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Alloy Wheel Repairs

Before Alloy Wheel Respray
Adelaide Wheel Repairs……………………. There are many different types of rims on the market these days and although we do not re-roll or machine rims, we do carry out cosmetic repairs on a daily basis. Alloy wheel repairs would be our…
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Cosmetic Car Repairs

Cosmetic Bumper Bar damage
What is a cosmetic car repair? They are those small annoying areas of damage on your vehicle that aren’t causing any structural damage but make your beauty look less than perfect. Cosmetic car repair is something that can be repaired…
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Vehicle Repairs for less than Crash Shop

Dent in rear guard
  It’s not hard to see why people are searching for vehicle repairs for less than crash shop with the increasing cost of repairs. Not only do you have to dodge the insurance excess increase but now with overheads increasing…
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Fast Car Repairs

Fast Car Repairs - Mobile or Workshop
  SMART Paintworx. can offer fast car repairs as a mobile service or at our workshop. When booking in repairs with SMART Paintworx there are many things to consider. Our technician requires access to power, private off street area to…
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Female Friendly Car Repairs

Many women can find car repairs a little overwhelming just because it’s out of their comfort zone. The last thing you want or need is some burly bloke making you feel intimidated because you’re not familiar with the terminology used…
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Car Repairs Less than Insurance Excess

Small car repair for less than insurance excess
Finding car repairs less than insurance excess…………. With insurance excess’s rising considerably it’s worth shopping around to see if you can have the car repairs less than insurance excess. There was a time that only a small bumper bar repair…
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